Principal massage

Technology is a well-known fact that our daily lives are inextricably linked with the knowledge-based economy based on information technology.

The school web team is greatly appreciated for their hard work in launching this website.
The launch of this project will enable us to make effective use of audio-visual learning in the teaching process and to provide key information about the school.

Here, the site will help alumni, alumni, the community and well-wishers find information about school, extracurricular activities and other school-based academic activities, as well as exchange information with governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations. I think the opportunity has arisen.
I strongly believe that the inclusion of modern technology in the learning process will help to produce balanced students who can develop the skills of the 21st century that will meet the challenges of the future world.

Finally, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the success of this project.



The world must be conquered

Education, technology, and student skills-based approaches play a vital role in a child's early development.

We at Mo / Alpitiya National School have taken a number of steps forward in the use of technology in a timely manner.

K.M Danushka sampath

vice principle