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English day- 2023

On today, our school celebrated its first “English Day” event. The event kicked off at 9:00 AM with a special guest appearance from the Bibile Zonal Education Director, who gave a speech about the importance of learning English.

Following the director’s speech, there were a variety of other features, including performances and interactive activities, all centered around the English language. One of the highlights of the event was a speech by the school principal, who emphasized the role of English in today’s globalized world and the many opportunities that come with being fluent in the language.

The event concluded with a training session for members of the school’s English Association. This gave students an opportunity to further develop their language skills and learn from experienced teachers and guest speakers.

Overall, the “English Day” event was a great success, providing students with a fun and engaging way to learn about the importance of English and the many opportunities it can open up for them in the future. It was a great start for our school’s English association.

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